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Cancer cells in the body are very efficient in blocking your own immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells, so that cancer cells can grow and spread rapidly in the body.  

For treatment of many cancers, anticancer drugs and radiation are generally very toxic, often resulting in intolerable side effects and causing more harm to the body than the cancer cells. 


Immunotherapy is an effective natural cancer treatment method that uses and sensitizes your body’s immune system to find and destroy cancer cells in the body and invading infectious microorganisms. 

Immunotherapy is very different from cancer chemotherapy, it is generally much more tolerable, more effective and can be individually designed (personalized medicines) to treat cancers.  

The immunotherapy products from Immunitor have undergone very stages of clinical trials, offering new hope to advanced cancer patients. Some of these products are:


•   100% safe and free of toxicity of cancer drugs

•   Oral self administration pills and do not use needle or IV injection

•   Treatment progress can be monitored by blood tests, imaging and overall health

•   Safety and efficacy have been evaluated in clinical trials and scientific research


1. The most common type is checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy. Most recently, checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy with Dostarlimab has been found to result in 100% cure rate in colorectal cancer patients. (Dostarlimab: the miracle drug for the treatment of colorectal cancer. P.A. Shuvo et al., Ann. Med. Sur. (London) 81:104483, 2022).

This 100% success rate is unheard of in the medical oncology field and provides immense hope in the treatment of many other types of cancer.

2. The second type of immunotherapy is oral therapeutic cancer vaccines.   Vaccines are generally considered to be used for prevention of diseases (examples are flu and hepatitis vaccines). However, ground breaking research had shown cancer components, delivered in micro particle system, can be safely and effectively delivered in the gut to elicit life-saving immunity to destroy cancer mass. (Open-label Phase II clinical trial in 75  patients with advanced heptocellular carcinoma receiving daily dose of tableted liver cancer vaccine, heptortespenlisimut-L.  M. G. Tarakanovskaya et al.  J. Heptocellular Carcinoma 4:59, 2017.)

Incurable Cancers

Immunotherapy approaches offer a beacon of hope for all cancer patients where chemotherapy, radiation and surgery options are no longer possible. 

For example, Dostarlimab is an excellent example of immunotherapy can potentially achieve 100% cure rate in colorectal cancer.

Immunitor V5 has demonstrated unparalleled success in all clinical studies to date for the treatment of liver cancer, which is predominantly hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Immunitor studies report that patients taking just one oral Immunitor V5 immunotherapeutic vaccine tablet daily exhibited an industry unprecedented 12-month response and survival rate in 90% of cases. This dramatically exceeds the less than 10% average survival of HCC patients on conventional anticancer drugs.

Immunotherapy to optimize mental health to combat depression and anxiety

Mycobacterium vaccae is a harmless bacterium found in soil and experimental studies have shown that this bacterium can act as natural antidepressant in animals and humans. These studies suggest Mycobacterium vaccae can increase the release of serotonin levels in the body, and its effects can mirror on the brain neurons that mimic Prozac and other anti-depression medications.       

V7 is an innovative product developed by Immunitor and its consists of completely inactivated non-pathogenic strain of Mycobacterium vaccae.  Originally developed and proven effective to treat tuberculosis,  V7 is an US FDA orphan designated drug,  it is currently marketed in many countries as health supplement to support and to promote robust mental health conditions, and helps to combat depression, anxiety and insomnia.   V7 users often experienced better quality sleep, overall emotional well being and less anxiety and none have reported any short term to long term side effects.   

Dove has a strong partnership with Immunitor to promote V7 as a chemical-free therapeutic solution that clearly can address this unmet medical need and addressing this major public health crisis that is often forgotten due to the current COVID-19 crisis. 

An University of Colorado, Boulder-led study showing that injecting beneficial Mycobacterium vaccae into mice can make them more resilient to stress has been named among the “top 10 advancements and breakthroughs” of 2016 by the nation’s leading non-governmental funder of mental health research.

Now, lead author Christopher Lowry, an associate professor in the Department of Integrative Physiology, is moving forward with clinical trials to see if altering the microbiome, or composition of resident bacteria, in military veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder can be beneficial.

COVID-19 and influenza

Dove Pharmaceutical Consulting Inc. is partnering with Immunitor to promote the experimental use of HAP-V+ and HAP-VL for the post exposure treatment of COVID-19 and long-haul COVID-19, respectively.  HAP-V+ and HAP-VL are being proprietary products co-developed by Immunitor and Dove, and are currently marketed in a number of countries as proprietary magnesium health supplements to promote strong immunity to fight COVID-19 and influenza infections. 


HAP-V+, VL products are laboratory-tested products that are self orally administered once daily and are 100% free of side effects.  It promotes rapid recovery from COVID-19 and its long term effects including recovering from persistent cough, glassy-looking lung appearance on X-ray, loss of taste and tissue injury.  


Steven W. Kramer D.D.S.

"In July 2014 I began taking Immunitor’s V5 treatment.  In December 2014 my AFP was 10.3 and has remained below that number.   My scans showed continual shrinkage of the tumors to the point of no evidence of disease.  I have had no negative side effects and have continued to enjoy life. I had a small tumor recur in May 2018 and I had that tumor ablated.  I continue to take V5 and a recent scan shows no evidence of cancer and my AFP is normal."
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