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Scientific Citations

V7 to support mental health to combat depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders.

"The prevalence of inflammatory diseases is increasing in modern urban societies. Inflammation increases risk of stress-related pathology; consequently, immunoregulatory or antiinflammatory approaches may protect against negative stress-related outcomes."

Lab Work

"While many factors play a role in the development of depression and fatigue, both have been associated with increased inflammatory activation of the immune system affecting both the periphery and the central nervous system (CNS)."

Sad on Couch

 "As the world continued to contend with a global pandemic, the daily existence of individuals and families across the United States was shaken and turned upside down, changing our everyday life (home, work, and play) as we knew it. The consequences to public health include social isolation, sickness, grief, unemployment, and an abrupt halt to our daily routines."


"This narrative review discusses how peripheral and central inflammation processes affect brain function and structure in depression, and reports on recent peripheral inflammatory marker-based functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies from the perspective of neural-circuit dysfunction in depression."

Brain Scans
Soursoup Leave Tea

"The use of medicinal plants in both preventative and curative healthcare is widely acknowledged. The compounds of graviola have shown promise as possible cancer-fighting agents and could be used to treat cancer."


"Cancer remains a leading cause of death in the USA and around the world. Plant-derived natural products and their derivatives have historically been used to treat various diseases, including cancer. One such natural resource is derived from certain plants of the family Annonaceae, which are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. Among the best known of these is Annona muricata, also known as soursop, graviola or guanabana.

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