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At Dove Pharmaceutical Consulting Inc., we offer the latest and most up to date information on effective immunotherapy for cancer and infectious diseases.   We have extensive experience and networks with rising biotech companies developing game-changing immunotherapy.   

Pharmaceutical Corporate Clients

•    Preclinical and clinical development plans
•    Intellectual property and patent application services
•    Professional scientific writing for scientific publications and research reports
•    Regulatory science support and advices
•    Linkages to capital investment groups and grant funding agencies


Individual and Private Clients

•    Advices on latest immunotherapy products and technologies
•    Providing latest medical and scientific information on advanced cancers
•    Access and advices on experimental immunotherapy
•    Information on personalized medicines and genomic testing
•    Supporting clinical progress and documentation

“Live freely, live peacefully, live lovingly, live healthy: A life well-lived.”    

Jonathan Wong, Founder, Dove Pharmaceutical Consulting. 

Consulting Fee

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